Request - Budget Functions Implementation

The way we can actually insert the budget is very time consuming and the report is limited.


I think that we should better have an input screen, something like the “starting balance” input, with all the accounts’ voices (both of the balance sheet and of the profit and loss) from which we can edit all the budgeted values. This input should be doable n-times and saved with different names. The input and edit need to be adjustable with batch functions.


We should create a report in which we can set competence periods (start date / end date) and linked budgets. In the same report we can set different competence periods and linked budgets. The resulting report will have different columns:

  1. account
  2. budget
  3. actuals
  4. difference 2 - 3

Points from 2 to 4 will be repeated for each comparison we set up.

I know entering budget figures is a bit cumbersome at the moment but I don’t like the proposed solution.

Better solution would be to allow entering list of future recurring (or one time transactions) and let Manager to construct budget out of those future transactions. But this still seems like doing double work considering many users are already using recurring sales invoices, purchase invoices, journal entries and payslips so Manager already has partial data about what will happen in future.

Anyway, we will get there one way or the other at some point.

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