Reports - GST Return - Missing

Hello just upgraded Manager Server from Version 20.7.16 to 20.8.36 in a test Linux Server environment.
I find the GST Report missing that was pulled in using “Report Transformations” back in the day via the Settings Tab.
How do we reinstate the Settings / Report Transformations / GST Return. I see it sitting there and it looks good but does not appear under the reports Tab like it used to.

Pre update it was there.

GST Report pre update

Post update GST Return gone
GST Report post update

I had a quick look and the links recommended to follow when introducing the transformation reports are not working.
Also just so you know the Reports are enabled for the business and the user has full access to the entity.

It should in Reports > Report Transformations, i.e. the last entry of the right column. IMO a weird place 'cos I think it should be in the Tax Codes section.

What… OK thanks Mark all OK. I wonder what the thinking is for this to be relocated, must be some reporting features on the way.

All in order now for us. Cheers.

Well, Tut wrote it’s a report transformation (whatever that means) and as such it’s in the Report transformation section. It may well be a report ‘transformation’ but it’s 100% VAT/GST related so IMO it should be in the Tax Codes (weird naming if you ask me; wouldn’t Taxes be more precise?) section. See also Install Localization Options - #7 by Mark

I wish we could still change it as the NZ one is wrong. it does not separate the imports

What form are you after? Manager has the GST101A. see

Yes thats the one but in manager it is wrong. Because Purchases amount is excluding Imports and you put the imports in adjustments.

and the adjustment sheet
I have trying to bring it to someones attention for a long time now

Ok the Manager sheet has the debit adjustment Field on line 9 not available for population and likewise the credit adjustment on line 13. The boxes allowing you to input Calculated data is missing.

If the fields for lines 9 and 13 were available would that answer your question?

When I altered the Report Transformation form myself I had to take away all expenses that has Exempt from total purchases Tax Code that when into line 11. Then I add the total of GST on Imports Tax code to line 13. Then I had to alter box 14 to to add box 12 and 13 together
I only used the purchases as my clients only import not export

Hi you are telling us what you have altered to maybe resolve the problem but … [quote=“compuit, post:8, topic:29943”]
If the fields for lines 9 and 13 were available would that answer your question?
This would allow you to add the adjustment data to the form and then calculate the GST as you would expect.
I am sure Manager crew will address this in the future. In the meantime you will need to carry out a manual compensation / Adjustment for this element in the GST calculation.

I suspect @Wornout is referring to this

I have not analyzed what was done however I have suspected it was related to accurate determination of sales / purchase status on line items so will be addressed as part of

Well it looks like there is some deliberation going on surrounding the Report Transformations, GST and Taxes. So reading you comment above it would appear that there will be a thrust to get reporting correct. Those Italians have their work cutout alright!

I was happy changing the Report Transformation code it got me what I needed.It would be awesome if we could do that again Or given the option of downloading our own report like before

Report transformation code can be edited still. Unfortunately the edits are over written each time the Manager program is updated, so need to be redone.

Hopefully clone or Batch create will be available at some time.

In the interim batch operations can be used to duplicate the Layout section. Copy and paste can then be used for the script and other parts