Install Localization Options

I am following the current guide to download & install the Localization Settings but the Localization tab on the main Manger IO website is not unavailable? Am i going blind or is it temporarily unavailable?

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It has changed.
They were here Localizations | Manager

I suggest waiting for clarification from Lubos on what is the new way of accessing localisations probably here Releases | Manager

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It was previously announced that localizations would be incorporated directly into the program. So you might try updating and see if the localizations are there. Announcements on the Releases page usually lag the actual changes.

Yes I read that somewhere so I was hoping the same, but its not, and Im already on the latest version. Hope to receive further feedback soon

Click on the Import button in the Settings tab. It looks pretty self-explanatory from there. Apparently, only a few countries’ localizations have been added to the list so far.

Thank you.
All sorted

@lubos Could you please put the Dutch localisation “Concept BTW-aangifte” in the BTW (VAT) section? Now it’s in the Report Transformations section.

@Mark, that is because it is a report transformation. That means it is a rearrangement of information in an existing, standard report.

I don’t understand what you want to say with that. I already know that it’s a report transformation. But it’s a VAT report so it belongs in the VAT section where it has always been until the latest version v20.7.69.

Well, there never was a “VAT section.” The section has always been titled Tax Codes. As the number of localized worksheets and report transformations grew, many of them became less and less about tax codes. More importantly, they became unique to specific locations or jurisdictions.

The reports remaining in the Tax Codes section are now independent of location. The reports there apply to anyone with tax codes defined.

Localized reports (which not everyone will see) are now more obviously organized under Report Transformations. For many users, there is nothing to see there.

I think that there should be the possibility to place them in any existing category or to assign them to new categories. Report transformation doesn’t mean anything… it’s like “various and any”

The old report transformations were all based on an existing Manager report, they contained the same information as that single standard Manager report. As such placing the 4 report transformation types just below the respective standard report was logical.

Unfortunately the 4 standard reports do not individuality contain all the data required for various reports.

I believe it is intended the new report transformations have access to a broader amount of data. Enabling report transformations pulling data from several places and producing reports containing data which currently requires access to multiple reports.

For this regime there are no longer 4 standard reports. It means report transformations have a similar scope to custom reports and grouping them together is logical.

I suspect this change is a glimpse of good things to come.

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So, meanwhile, do I have to get my work done using Custom tax code till it gets incorporated directly into the program? No other way?
I also did not find country of work (drop down list option) after I updated the software yesterday. Pl. guide.

Yes, apparently so.

In the Settings tab, the Import button at the top right corner:

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 7.13.23 AM

However, your country is not there yet. But what are you looking for? Any tax code or report you had before the update should still be present.

I though if I select my region of business, i.e; India, default tax codes will be automatically loaded, nothing else.

As you see, India is not yet included.