Reports - Business Activity Statement "Peculiar" Date Issue

I have setup an AUSTRALIAN entity in Manager and I am trying to print out a Report (Business Activity Statement) with a starting date of 1 October 2017. The system WILL NOT accept this starting date and changes it to 30 September 2017. I have tried 01 October 2018, 2019 etc and this works fine; but 1 October 2017 is not accepted. It doesn’t matter whether I change the Date Format (in Settings) or select another entity … the problem remains the same.

version 21.10.2 works fine

Maybe related to this thread Date Picker strange behaviour

I think the underlying issue is

  • a date in Manager is stored in date/time format.
  • When daylight savings changes occur it distorts the date displayed
  • Error occurs at a date determined by local daylight savings dates

Issue was fixed in version 21.10.2

Thanks. It does all work now in V21.10.6.