Reporting issue (different balances)


I am facing this issue from yesterday.

My supplier ledger from reports and supplier tab is showing two different amount.

Could be due to a number of causes

Please post more screen images eg of the invoices in question - both View and Edit screen would be good.

Are you referring to Purchase Invoice METC01-0119-01 ?

I agree with @Joe91 - seeing the edit form for this record would be helpful in determining the cause of the issue.

@Mubeen_Hussain1, your first screen shot shows you have two purchase invoices with the same number, but issued on two different dates. Your second screen shot shows one of them has been partially paid, but the receipt for that does not show against the purchase invoice. Show us the following screen shots:

  1. Drill downs on balance due for both invoices from the Sales Invoices tab.

  2. Customer statement (transactions type) for this customer spanning the entire date range of your relationship with them.


I found that that some old Journal entries adjusting with new invoices as it should not be as you can see the supplier statement due to journal entry supplier balance is nil that time so all Journal entry was adjusted, It should not be adjust with new invoices.

Also these two invoices have different invoice numbers.

whatever will be the case supplier balance from the tab and supplier balance from the report should not be change, I think there is some bug with journal entry adjustments.

The question is - why are you using journal entry adjustments ?

because This customer is my supplier and customer as well and we have to send that customer statement of balances.

@Mubeen_Hussain1, are you following the procedure here to offset purchase and sales invoices with the same entity:

Also, in my earlier response, I asked for drill-downs on the balance due for both invoices from the Sales Invoices tab. Instead, you showed me View screens of the invoices themselves. That does not help troubleshoot your problem.

Other forum members also asked to see Edit screens for the invoices giving you trouble. You did not provide them.

No one can help without the requested information.

I used that procedures to adjust it on 27/11/2018 with journal entry.

then what happens It again adjusted with new invoice.

Right now I adjusted that journal Entry with specific invoice so now the issue is resolved, I cannot show you drill down of that invoice as now there will be no issue…