Report on Actual Collection

Manger IO has the function of reports which shows on sales invoice.
But in our business, not 100% of sales invoice are cash collected. Some are returned. Some are not collected yet (over due). So is there any function which reports can show actual cash collected.

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No, but you could export the Sales Invoices tab list, which would give you status and balance due.


Dear Tut, as per your advise, we did testing, created mock-up company, created 2 invoices, for same item, with same price (80,000K each). one invoice is paid, and the another invoice not paid. we create report for “sales invoice total for item” we click the BLUE Color, sales value, to see the details, it shows the total amount of 2 invoices (160,000K) and it doesn’t show the balance to collect. Please tell us how to do it?

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I did not tell you to do what you did. You should have no expectation the report you are looking at will show you uncollected balances on sales invoices.

Three years ago, I told you to look at the Sales Invoices tab list. You could also look at the Aged Receivables report.