Reoccurring Expense same amount

Hi I have several reoccurring expenses and have been using CLONE but is there a way to enter all 12 months of the same expense at once for each month? Eg rent, subscriptions, rail…

No. Cloning is the best way. But you can clone 12 entries and adjust the dates to future ones. Manager will ignore these transactions until the dates arrive.

Any hope it will be added for the future? I am looking at 72 clone + date change entries, so far.

The developer almost never announces development plans or schedules. Can you use recurring purchase invoices? See You would still need to enter payments against the purchase invoices, so there would not be any work savings. But you would benefit from the reminder to create the purchase invoices.

Thanks for the workaround. Would this give me all my expenses in one report?

It looks like I would need to enable Purchase Invoices and Suppliers then set up each Payee with a Supplier account( e.g. Verizon, TMobile) then go to Sales Invoice and create the phone bill expense then go to Payments and pay it from a bank account? I that the right way?

So when I buy up a ream of paper and put that in Expense Claims, what do I use to see the phone bills and office supplies, for example, in the same report or screen?

This has nothing to do with reports. If you want a list of expenses, drill down on the expense accounts from the Summary or a P&L Statement. Or search the Receipts & Payments tab.

No, you would enter the recurring purchase invoice and the corresponding payment.

They won’t be in the same report. See my first answer above.

I don’t understand. Thanks anyway. I probably need something simpler than Manager for now.

The easiest way is to

  • Import your bank statements as often as you need to update your accounting records

  • Create bank rules to allocate recurrent transactions to the appropriate account. Typically you will be able to make rules to pick out rent, subscriptions, rail, utility bills etc so you never need to manually create any of these recurrent expenses

Cash and Bank Transactions : Import bank statements | Use bank rules to categorize imported transactions

Thanks Patch, I will try that!

The easiest is to

  • not enter any payments or receipts by hand.

  • Use import bank statement for everything.

  • Bank rules for recurrent items

  • Hand allocate one off entries

To see how it works

  • Back up your Manager business

  • Restore the backup and give it a new name eg Import testing

  • From “Import testing” business delete recent hand entered transactions for a bank account eg the last 1-2 months or weeks depending on your volume

  • Import bank statement for that period

Just wanted to follow up patch, i have been importing successfully via trial an error and have it down pat now with rules. Thanks so much.

I have another issue now re expense claims. I will post a new ? regarding this.

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