Removing Delivery Notes from an ongoing company

I have made a copy of the company data to try. Would like to know what to do for the below;

Initially I use to use Delivery Notes, but now I no longer need it, so I Batch Delete all the Delivery Notes and closed the Delivery Notes Tab but the products which were delivered should be reduced from the “Qty on Hand” column in Inventory Items but it didn’t.

Under Customers tab, it shows that items are already delivered are being showed in the “Qty on Deliver” column. This is showing huge quantities of “undelivered” items which have been historically “sold” and have been delivered.

What needs to be done to remove the Delivery Notes and the the Inventory back on track?

Hope everything is explained properly. All help gratefully received.

Did you note the warning in the Inventory Guides?


What exactly do you mean by “closed the Delivery Notes tab?” Closing the tab has no effect. You must disable the tab by clicking on the Customize link at the bottom of the left navigation pane listing all the tabs. Did you do that?

@Joe91 Yes, I have noted that.

@Tut By closed, I meant, disable the Delivery Notes tab .

Sorry for asking the obvious, but does the Delivery Notes tab still show in the left navigation pane:


@Tut No, its not being displayed on the left navigation pane after I disabled it.

This is beyond my knowledge. Your understanding of the program seems correct to me. Once all delivery notes have been deleted and the tab disabled, the Qty to deliver column should disappear so far as I know.

I am going to invite @lubos to join this discussion.

I also think that once you delete all delivery notes, then you will be able to disable the tab. Once you disable the tab, you will no longer see Qty to deliver column.

@mfatehi, What edition are you using? If you are using cloud or server edition, you need to disable it using customize button. If you have disabled the tab using user permissions for specific user only - then that’s wrong.

@lubos I’m using the Desktop Edition (18.12.12). Yes, as per the system it should once the tab is disabled I should no longer see the Qty to Deliver column but in this case its different.

I am attaching the screenshots for your reference (have blurred out some parts which were not be shared on the open portal). Hope you get what I mean from the screenshots.

In the Manager_01.jpg you will notice the Delivery notes tab has been disabled.

Manager_02.jpg; Customers tab you will notice the Qty to Deliver be displayed.

Manager_03.jpg; Inventory Tab, you will notice only Qty on Hand is being displayed but the quantity should not be that much as their are many invoices issue and quantity should have been reduced.

Manager_04.jpg; When I click the Qty on hand’s 3rd item (2,255), you would notice there are only Purchase Invoice and Payments, but the sales invoices are not being displayed.

I reviewed the source code to determine how this could be possible and I think I found the culprit.

Could you try the latest version (18.12.17)?

@lubos I checked it on version (18.12.19 ) seems fixed. Thank you. :slight_smile: