Delivering inventory items

apologies if going over old ground. i have just updated my Manager to the latest version and have discovered the “new” Qty to deliver column in Inventory Items. This is showing huge quantities of “undelivered” items which have been historically “sold” on “Sales Invoices” and, as far as I am concerned, have been delivered.
Question 1. how do I remove the undelivered tag from all of these historic transactiions?
Question 2. how should we treat new transactions? It appears that raising a Sales Invoice still does not “deliver” the items and we cannot find a “deliver” button on the Sales Invoice - what is the recommended procedure?

All help gratefully received.


Do you have the 0%20Del%20Note%20tab tab activated, if yes, then do you need to have that tab activated. If no, and if you have a grey “zero” as shown then you could deactivate the tab under Customise.

If you want to use Delivery Notes then read this Guide Manager Cloud

Thanks Brucanna. Yes it is activated, no we don’t need it activated but how do we de-activate it? we tried to “customize” the left menu bar but unticking it was red crossed out.

That means you have created at least one delivery note. Manager will not allow a tab to be disabled if there are existing transactions in it. Does your left navigation pane actually show a zero in the Delivery Notes counter window, as @Brucanna said it must?

If you have existing delivery notes, you can use Batch Delete to get rid of them. But that will have other consequences. So be careful. Read the Guide:

Before making any decisions, you should also read the three-part Guide on inventory management, beginning here:

Depending on your usage and update history with Manager, you may be caught in a more complex situation. Originally, delivery notes were effectively just packing slips. They did not affect calculations of quantity on hand. And the concept of delivery not occurring until one was completed had not yet entered the program’s design. When goods receipts were added to the program, the purpose of delivery notes changed and, as you saw, the concepts of quantities to be received, to be delivered, on hand, and owned were either added or revised.

So, if you previously were using delivery notes as packing slips, your software update has now told the program you have not delivered all those old orders. Let us know if that is your situation. The recovery could be more complicated. I won’t fill up this post with instructions unless I know they are necessary.