Removed backup storage and could not access application

I need help. I removed the backup storage and is not working anymore and the following error is showing up:

Could not find part of path “J:\Liifter Finance\Manager”

If you want to reset application data path to “C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Manager”, go to this folder and delete a file ‘data’.

I do not want to reset application. How do I do it?

under Preferences just set the application data path to the correct location of your business data file.

Did you previously change the location of your application data? If you previously changed it to your J drive and have now removed the J drive, your data is no longer accessible in your current configuration. You will have to reconnect to your J drive to access it.

Your subject title is confusing, however. Are you unable to access the Manager application itself, or are you unable to access a business after launching the application?

For background, read these Guides: