HELP - I deleted my business

I backed up my business before doing a batch update.
Excel made changes in the update that I didn’t want and I only realised after doing the batch update.

No problem, I restored my backup and fixed it.
I now had two businesses in manager my old one and the restored one that I continued using for a few days.

I decided to delete the remove the old business but accidentally removed the one I had been working on.

Is it deleted or simply removed from being listed as a business I can open?
can I get it back from somewhere

PLEASE HELP… I have lost so much data that I entered over the last few days :frowning:

it is only removed from the list.

you can find your business file in your application data folder set under Preferences in Manager.
read this guide

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THANK YOU so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I managed to get it all back, I was so stressed out.

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