Remove the default 0


Hi @lubos, Just a minor improvement (i.m.o. :grinning:),

When i enter a amount in a input box the default 0 is not automatically selected. Since the default 0 is not helping in any way to enter the correct amount i think it’s better to remove or to make the default 0 auto-selected.

Entering unit price with leading zero

I’m not really sure what you are referring to. Can you post a screenshot or demonstrate a workflow?


Hi @lubos,

I ment the Unit-Price input field in Purchase-Invoices, Sales-Invoices etc. When i select this input field i first have to double-click or hit the delete button to remove the zero otherwise the zero will be added to my amount. It’s a minor thing but it is an unnecessary extra action.


If you use the tab (key) to get to the Unit Price then the zero gets highlighted and overwritten by entry - 123.
But if you directly select the Unit Price field, the zero doesn’t get highlighted and gets added to the entry - 1230.
Perhaps, directly selecting the Unit Price should always highlight the entry, even if you are editing an existing invoice ,


The current behavior is no different from most spreadsheet applications. When you select a spreadsheet cell, a keyboard entry overwrites its content. When you position a cursor in the cell (by different techniques, depending on your program), you add to its content at the cursor’s position, wherever in the cell that may be.


Hi @Tut,

I think you are mistaken. The current behavior of Manager is not to overwrite the content but the default zero will be added to the amount. I guess it would be better if the behavior was indeed like e.g. Excel.


Sorry, @Frankie, but I was correct. If you navigate to a field in Manager using the tab key (similar to doing the same thing in Excel), typing overwrites the cell. If you place the cursor into the field with the mouse (similar to double-clicking in a cell in Excel), typing adds the character to the existing content. Depending on where you click, that is where the added characters will go.


Hi @Tut,

Correct me if i’m wrong but there are some differences,

Single-Click: Manager = Insert - Excel = Overwrite
Double-clicking : Manager = Overwrite - Excel = Insert (2 times double-click will give the overwrite function)
Arrow-keys: Manager = not in use - Excel = Next field (horizontal or vertical) and Overwrite
Tab: Manager = Select next input field and Overwrite - Excel = Next (horizontal) field and Overwrite (the same)


You are focusing on specific click sequences. I was calling attention to similarities upon cell selection and after cursor positioning.


I agree with Frankie, I generally click on the amount field after filling in my description and am constantly having to press delete or backspace to get rid of the zero in the field. Excel cells are not pre-filled with zeroes and it is simple to input any number in any cell you click in without first clearing what’s there. In Manager, I wasn’t aware of the difference when using the tab key to move across, so I’m happy this is a simple of fix and will have to remember to do this. Although, is there a reason really that clicking on the cell does not do the same thing? It could select the zero just the same.


Yes, currently the Unit price field doesn’t distinguish between Create (default zero) or Edit (existing number) mode, therefore when you are in Edit mode you may only want to edit part of the existing number rather then having to re-enter the entire number because it has been auto highlighted.


Referring to above, I endorse the suggestion to remove zero, it will be helpful. The presence of zero is no meaning. Sometimes, it’s irritating to see it added to our input.



Hi @Brucanna, maybe it should be like this,

  • Remove the zero from the unit-price input field, this has no function and is only annoying.

  • When selecting unit-price input field by mouse-click or tab, select all and overwrite the amount

  • When double clicked in the unit-price input field amount, don’t overwrite but insert on that position

This is the same way how it is done in Excel


Totally concur, once upon a time the Quantity field use to have an annoying “1” but this was eliminated as it needed to be manually deleted for every non-inventory selection - eg expense account.


true i saw alot of customers have hard problem with that 0


Exactly, because not all accountant or who ever used it have a tendency to make a erroneous amount entry. It would be helpful it the default “0” to be replace by " " or null value.


I fully agree


Agree! The sooner, the better :slight_smile:


I totally support this too. (It may be impossible to bring a null field up due to maybe the programing language)


I agree with image. Would it make sense to remove the default zeros from all the fields in Manager so they emulate Excel.