Any eta on default to one for quantity in purchase and sales invoices

I keep forgetting that we now have to put 1 in for quantity for any items in sales and purchase invoices and this is messing up the inventory on hand and sales inventory stock as no entries are being recorded.

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Would it be possible to at least change the default to default to 1 if no quantity is put in, thereby still allowing people to specifically set zero for when they don’t want to update inventory quantity which is not going to be required as frequently as selling/buying 1 item. Thanks

I disagree.

I would like the default quantity to be β€œ1” as it was previously.
It’s much easier to just delete the β€œ1” if not needed and the vast majority of the time you would require β€œ1” to be entered automatically.
It would really save time and reduce mistakes as previously discussed on other posts.

@itmoto the current situation also helps other users to avoid mistakes.
I wish a user could tell Manager what they wanted as default.

@Abeiku just out of curiosity, how would entering β€œ1” into quantity box avoid a mistake?
I would have thought forgetting to enter β€œ1” would cause the mistake?

It can increase inventory quantity, when it was meant to increase only inventory value without increasing quantity.
There were a lot of requests for the ability to increase value of inventory without increasing quantity, so by default inventory is Zero, the user has to begin the count.

How many times on an purchase invoice would you need to increase the value rather than quantity? Please give an example.
Also would you require this when creating a sales quote or invoice??

Well to be honest, it very strange to select an inventory item and forget to look at the quantity.

This feature is only assuming that zero is a number too. The best would be a feature that prompt you to enter something or complete the action with zero quantity ignore.

I don’t know but am sure this feature was meant to solve the problem of adding cost to inventory without increasing the quantity. Maybe if 1 as default returns, it will end that very important feature. There is Freight in cost as part of inventory on hand which requires no quantity, am sure your request may disable it, am sure it depends on the current settings to work.
Just check your inventory quantity everytime on invoices to be sure nothing has been left out.
The programmer will have the final say. Maybe am wrong.

The freight-in feature would not be used on sales quotes or invoices would they?
Have to admit that when purchasing items using purchase invoice, I would purchase multiple items, 10 or more so I would edit the quality, where as, the majority of the time I would sell single items so when selling 10 or more single items there is unnecessary clicking to enter quantity.

Obviously, if I sold more than 1 single item I would edit the quantity.
@lubos had agreed to revert back to having β€œ1” as default at some point then if you require the freight-in feature you would simply delete that β€œ1” to empty the quantity box.

I am just a bit concerned though, as all my previous sales quotes and sales/purchase invoices that I had used the default β€œ1”, as it was before, now show no quantity at all in the quantity box!!
Which means I would have to manually edit each document and enter β€œ1” for each item and I have over 1600 documents!
I think that once a document is created, updating to a later version should not change previously entered data?
I am not sure if my figures are reliable.

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