Remove Names from dropdown box

Just a small thing and no big deal,In payments when I click on Payee box a dropdown box appears with names of Payee, I have a number of unwanted names in it, Is there any way of removing them, I can live with it if its not possible, Cheers Wal

There is no way to remove them. These are the most recent Payee entries matching what you have typed so far. Type more characters, and the list narrows. As you enter more payees, the less recent ones will disappear from the list.

Yes, if the unwanted names are mistakes (spelling errors), then search for those transactions by using the unwanted names, correct the mistake, then those unwanted names will disappear.

Read this topic for an illustration: Allow existing data in lookup in payee or payer field to be delete

This is the umpteenth time that you have incorrectly answered this question.
Remember this - Payee names can be removed if they no longer exist in a transaction.

I did not answer incorrectly. @Wal’s question was about removing unwanted names, not about correcting previous errors so they would no longer appear.