Remove draws from bank account and petty cash

Hello, my girlfriend and I just started a new business and am learning how to use Manager on the fly. Currently we are using our personal bank account and a petty cash account for the business until we get an actual business account set up. We’ve used some money for personal expenses and I have put those in manager using our capital accounts and the draw sub account.

My issue is how do I now reconcile these draws with our bank account and petty cash fund in the summary? It shows the negative amount under capital accounts as it should but I can’t figure out how to tell Manager where the money came from so the money in the bank and petty cash matches what is actually there. Do I just put in a payment from those accounts and notate it as a draw?

Is there any way when doing the draw in the journal entries to have it take the money directly from either the bank account or petty cash?

NVM Figured it out. I need to do the draws as a payment not a journal entry lol