Need help with Equity, Draws, and sudden removal of payments towards invoices

Before I explain my questions, I want to start off by saying that I have a Hobby business - I am below income for tax requirements for my country so do not collect or pay VAT. I am only trying to navigate this software to manage how much money I put into my hobby and track sales/income to make sure it’s within my acceptable range of what I consider time well spent.

Now to the part I need help with! I set up a chart of accounts, I have an equity account for myself and friend/hobby business partner, who also contributes. I have a draw account for each as well. I have several invoices that I had previously recorded payments for and were showing no money owed. When I tried to ‘spend money’ from our cash account for the first time to our draw accounts, it at first looked correct since it was showing negative. Upon looking further though, all the invoices that the money in the cash account had paid off, are now showing that they are not paid. I deleted the ‘spend money’ transaction and am now trying to fix this. Money is still showing up in my cash account but I can’t seem to apply it to specific invoices, adding reference numbers doesn’t apply it, resaving doesn’t apply it. Do I have to remove all the payments and re-enter them? Secondly, where did I go wrong in moving money from the cash account to the draw account? Transfer doesn’t offer any equity accounts, draw or capital.

Thank you for taking the time to read! Any help is greatly appreciated!

You don’t move money to the drawings account. Money only goes in and out of the cash accounts. The drawing account only records what you did with the money - paid the partners cash form the bank account.
If you aren’t actually making a cash payment to the Partners, then you shouldn’t be doing the entry.

As for the Purchase Invoices payments situation it is hard to say without seeing screenshots of what you are seeing. In the Spend Money are you selecting for the Account - Accounts Payable + Supplier + Inv

Yes, it is a physical payment of cash so it needs to be entered. I need to remove or “spend” out of cash and also need to show the money was paid to the Partners? How should I correctly reflect this then?

I’m sorry for the confusion, the Invoices I referenced were Sales Invoices - not Purchase Invoices. When I entered the payments, I went to the invoice them processed by “Receiving Money” and listing as a “Income - Sale” Now the money is still showing but no longer being applied to the Sales Invoices - leaving them appearing unpaid.

For the Partners Payment - are you using the Capital Account tab, if yes
Spend Money with the Account = Capital Accounts + Partner + Drawings (the partner & drawings fields will appear progressively after selecting Capital Accounts.

When you go to Receive Money from the Sales Invoice the Account line is already completed with Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice, all you need to do is enter the amount being received.

If you are changing the Account line to Income - Sale, then you are duplicating the sale, once via the Sales Invoice and once via the Receive Money. If you click on the Summary tab - P&L - Income Sale balance you should see the duplication.