Drawings Account in Desktop Edition

Good day.

I have been using a “Drawings” account in Manager (Desktop Edition) and came upon something that troubles me. Upon doing a bank transaction (Spend Money), labeling it as a withdrawal to the Capital Account, which automatically decreases the “Amount To Pay” (towards the capital account" - which is fine.

However - Upon using the “Receive Money” in either bank or cash account, towards the Drawings account, it does not credit (refund) the drawings? I am looking at using this function to indicate drawings which are being repaid - basically like a “loan” - if you will.

I have noticed that I can go into the transaction itself and make the amount negative, but that’s an unnecessary step - as “receiving” money, should be indicated as a return of “withdrawal” when pointed at Drawings when receiving money?

Help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

i believe the account should be Funds contributed when receiving money into your business.

I do understand Funds Contributed - however, doing it that way, will have the Drawings account continually increase as drawings are being made, but not decreased as a drawing has been repaid - similar to a loan situation?

Drawings and Funds contributed are only sub-accounts of Capital accounts.
so it will act as debit and credit to the Capital accounts.

read this guide Manager Cloud

You are correct, but that is exactly the way things should happen. Drawings can only take money out of a capital account, by definition. Funds contributed only puts money in. They are perpetual, not meant to be balanced out, as they are only subsidiary to the main capital account of the member, which is where you find the current position of the member.

If you want to track loans made to capital account owners and their repayments, you can use separate asset accounts.