Remove batches from User Sides

How it can possible to control & remove batches from User sides ?

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You can determine what limited users can do, read this guide
If a user can already create and update, removing the batch functions from their view won’t really achieve anything. That my opinion.

but its not possibles to delete this batches. Because my one User share the sales invoices data to another person of using to click “copy to clipboard” and then he “export to excel Sheet”. It is a big problems from me? The user can easily share data from one person to another

If the batch operation buttons were gone, this user could obtain similar information by copying directly from the Sales Invoices tab listing. Full information could be obtained by opening individual sales invoices.

There is no way to block someone with access to the business data if they are really determined to share information they are not supposed to share. By giving them login credentials, you have provided the key to the door. Removing a few buttons will not help. Your problem is not with the program but with users you do not trust. You can monitor their activity with the History button.