Batch operations for customer invoices

I have a variable number of members attending a dinner. Is it possible to have a batch operation to create a sales invoice for the members attending.

I keep a list of members attending and could use this in a batch operation to create sales invoices. Just a bit quicker than creating 35 separate sales invoices.


batch operations are not possible in Sales Invoices.

Batch operations function in these tabs:

Inventory Items
Fixed Assets
Intangible Assets

Batch operations are available whenever you see these three buttons in the bottom-right corner of the Manager window:


if you do not see these buttons appearing in a window, then you can be sure such a thing is not possible in that module.

Something to note if searching for those buttons: they only seem to appear when the tab has at least one item / record in the list already.

If you visit one of the tabs @sharpdrivetek mentioned and don’t see the buttons, try creating a record manually first and then take another look.

Batch functions within Manager only relates to the importing and exporting of data lists, this importing / exporting doesn’t apply to transactions.

@Gally, you could create the first invoice and then use the “clone” feature - this means that you only have to change the “customer” detail on each subsequent sales invoice.