Reimbursements for funds spent

I am new to Manager and am looking to use this for managing the accounts for our work social club which has 65 members.

I have loaded all of the members as customers and have carried through their current account balances and generated invoices for those owing money. Some customers pay a monthly $15 for unlimited tea/coffee whereas others just ‘mark up’ their tea/coffee as they have them and I have set up the invoice to easily add these costs. We also have a 10% late fee donation which I have added to the invoice.

The main problem I am having is accounting for and reimbursing staff who purchase milk etc for the club. We have a weekly roster so each member purchases it when it’s their turn, then we normally would just credit the amount paid for the milk to their social club account. I can’t figure out how to do this without going through the cash or bank account as we are not physically receiving the money anywhere and their account may already be in credit. I also have one customer that wanted part of the money reimbursed from petty cash with the remainder credited to his account. How do I do that??

Have you any suggestions for me?

The easiest way is to issue credit note to “customers” who have purchased something for your club.

So under Credit Notes tab, you will issue a credit note for the amount they paid. Categorize the paid amount under relevant expense category.

What credit note will do is that it will debit expense (e.g. milk category) and credit their customer credit account. If they have any unpaid invoices, this credit will be automatically applied to their invoice.

If they don’t have unpaid invoices, this credit will be retained in their credit account and automatically applied against future invoice.

Thanks for the reply. Great, I’ll do credit notes for the simple ones but I’m stuck with the split one.

The member owed $15.88, and paid $160.90 for supplies for the club. I paid him back $100 from the petty cash and $60.90 towards his account.

How do I do the petty cash component?

You still record credit note for $160.90 because that’s what member spent.

If you have reimbursed $100, then record cash payment from petty cash for $100 and allocate it against their Customer credits account.

The rest, $60.90 will stay in their customer credit account but since they owed $15.88, Manager will automatically offset that so their customer credit will become $45.02

Excellent, thank you for your help. That worked a treat!