Creating Separate Accounts Payable/Receivable on Summary for Same Customer

I am new to manager. I am doing accounting for an organization that has members that pay membership dues to the organization, but sometimes are owed money for reimbursement. I have the members in Manager as “Customers” which works for invoicing dues, but when it comes to us owing them money, I can not figure out how to label their account payable under “Liabilities”. It just puts it as a negative “Account Receivable”.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank You

Is this a refund to the customer / member (so still a customer function), or is that individual suppling a product or service (so also a supplier to your organisation)?

Look into using Expense Claims

Money owed to customers simply shows as a negative receivable balance. Unless your member actually furnishes goods or services, there is no reason to set them up as suppliers.

It is not a refund because the customer/member still owes their dues. I guess what I would like to be able to do is have an account for each member and if they owe the org, it show up as a receivable, then if we owe them, it appears as a payable.

For example, let say dues are $5. Their account now appears as a receivable for $5, but then they purchase food on the organizations behalf for $15, their account would now show a $10 payable.

Have you tried using “Expense Claims” as suggested by @Joe91, for the purchases made by the member on behalf of the organisation? I think that this would be your best option.

This is what happens already. But the $10 payable will be a negative amount under Accounts receivable. There is no way to make a member switch from Accounts receivable to Accounts payable, because customers are actually subsidiary ledgers under Accounts receivable. Likewise, suppliers are subsidiary ledgers under Accounts payable.

But expense claims are a clean and convenient way to handle members’ purchases on the organization’s behalf. See the Guide: Use expense claims | Manager.