Shop Credit

Sometimes customers round off and pay a little extra when they don’t have change, I keep it as shop credit, so next time they purchase I deduct the amount from their next purchase.
I don’t understand how I can record this in Manager?

you can just receive the total they pay. the excess amount will be stored in Manager as your liability towards the customer. so the next time an invoice is made to that customer, the balance is automatically adjusted and the balance due for payment is shown.
but for this to work the customer should be defined in the Customers tab first.

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@hibay, to use @sharpdrivetek’s suggestion, not only must the customer be created first in the Customers tab. You must also use a sales invoice so the amount due shows up in Accounts receivable. Then you must receive the customer’s money against the sales invoice–a two-step process that might be cumbersome in a retail shop.

A more regular solution is for you to make change.

Are you talking about when the customer is paying their account (sales invoices) or when they are making a cash purchase - item costs 1.90 but they pay 2.00.