Help with handling dispersement of funds to members

I do bookkeeping for a non-profit organization. We have members who are listed as customers in Manager because they pay dues. Sometimes we disperse funds to these members so they can purchase materials/supplies on the organizations behalf. I need help figuring out the best way to do that.

For example, we disperse $100 to John and he buys $70 worth of supplies and returns the remaining $30.

Here was my solution:

  1. First a payment to a capital account created for John showing $100 out to him.
  2. Then I created an expense claim to show the $70 of supplies purchased.
  3. Finally, a receipt for the remaining $30 from the capital account.

Is this the best way, or is there a way to keep john as a customer and not having to create a capital account for him?


Use Expense Claims for these

You will have to setup John as an Expense Claimer as well as a customer

Capital accounts are used for business owners or investors

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I did not know you could set up separate people for expense claims. Thank you!

Would the transactions I mentioned in my example still be correct just replacing a capital account with an expense claimed?


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That is why you first should consult the guides. If you had searched for expense claim you would have found and noted there:

To set up an Expense Claim Payer, go to the Settings tab and click on Expense Claim Payers:

Don’t think I would have came here if I found it there first. Easy to miss section. Dang, my mistake tho.