Reference # and Summary field on Sales Order

Hi, hope someone can help. I have two issue on sales order. When i make a new sales order then there is the field Reference#, so i type it in, all fine. However, next time i make a new Sales order, there is no more nr. there, I have to check and do it again. Is this not possible to have same like on when I make a PO? each new order counting automatically ?

send problem. In Sales order there is the field “Summary”, so if i need can write something inside. Fine but on document cannot see it?

how come nobody replied to this post, we are facing the same issue. any update on above issue?

For a sales order, the reference number is meant to be the customer’s reference number. For example, the customer sends you a PO with their number on it. You enter it into your system as a sales order, attaching their PO number to it in the Reference field. Auto-numbering would be counter-productive.


not fully agree on that. If i do in this way, where is my Sales order nr.? This also would be needed to follow up the sales order from internal side. I also would prefer to get this automatically like we have now on purchase order or quote. This might be also could solved with an addition field, like internal sales order number and the reference field could as it is and then use for customer order number