Redirect after login

When I follow a link to a Manager page and I am not logged in, I get redirected to the business page which isn’t the target of the original link.

It would be really nice to make the login page smart and keep track of the original link so it redirects there instead.

I’m confused. How can you follow a link if you are not logged in? A link from where and to where? Could you be more explicit?

Most websites do that nowadays, you follow the link it takes you to the login page and after you login it takes you directly to where you’re originally heading.

A quick Google search should provide good examples

Among those, WordPress manages to explain it nicely.

Sorry, I don’t seem to have conveyed my question correctly. You keep referring to following a link. I don’t know what link you are following. Where do you find it? I am interpreting what you are saying as following a link within the Manager window, for which you would have to already be logged in. What you say only makes sense to me if you were able to follow some external link to, for example, a tab listing in Manager. Only then would the need to log in get in your way; and in that case, continuing to your original destination after login would make sense.

I know you are much better at these technical details than I am. So what am I missing?

Sorry for not understanding your first question.

Many times instead of printing things, I just copy the page address of my reports and filtered tabs and share that as a link with management and auditors.

Now I understand. Thanks.