Recurring Sale Invoice list - show value?

When I click on Recurring Sales Invoices in Settings I get a list showing Customer, Description, Next Issue Date and Interval. I would like to see the value listed as well without having to click Edit on each one. I thought of a customisable field but there isn’t one available for Recurring Invoices.

Let me try to explain why things are the way they are.

Recurring transactions (including recurring sales invoices) show the same fields available for a regular version of the transaction. So, if you want a recurring sales invoice to show a custom field, you must add it as a custom field for sales invoices in general. And all sales invoices will offer that custom field.

The program shows, by default, only the three essential columns necessary for defining a recurring sales invoice: customer, next issue date, and interval. If you add a summary-level description, that will also be displayed. Those are fields that can be anticipated in advance. They contain entries you selected or typed. You chose the customer. You picked the next issue date and interval. More importantly, you took those actions when you created the recurring sales invoice. Those parameters define the recurring sales invoice, which is not an actual transaction, but only a template for future transactions. Because they are part of the definition, they can be shown in the listing of available recurring sales invoices.

But the Amount (or as you called it, the value) for any line item is a calculated value determined by the program when an actual transaction is created from the template. That is why the field is greyed out on the entry screen. It does not exist in the database (even though it shows as you enter the parameters of the recurring sales invoice) until the real sales invoice is created. Likewise, all the subtotals, taxes, and balance due are not visible. They are also calculated only when the real transaction is created. In fact, this is why the recurring sales invoice cannot be viewed, only edited.

In summary, the listing shows columns for fields that can be anticipated and are known to the program by being resident in the database.

Thank you for your very detailed description. Much appreciated. I realise I actually meant the Unit Price, rather than the Value, or Amount. Can that be displayed in the listing?

That would not work. Suppose you had 5 line items and, therefore, 5 different unit prices? It would be impractical to show them all or to select only one. Yet multi-line recurring invoices are quite common. For example, apartment tenants might be invoiced every month for rent, parking, security services, electricity, gas, and water—all being posted to separate accounts.