Recurring Payslips

While creating recurring payslips. Employee name is not coming and payslip is blank.

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Welcome to the forum @khalil.rahman
Please provide the following information:

  • Edition and Version of Manager
  • Screenshot of the employee edit screen
  • Screenshot of the recurring payslip edit screen
  • Screenshot of the final payslip edit screen, if any

Hi @Ealfardan,
Can confirm Recurring Payslips once created are blank.
Cloud edition -

Please furnish the information requested of the other forum member.

Not sure relevance of employee edit screen to this issue.
Recurring Payslip edit screen contains all information as per normal.
Payslip edit screen contains all information as per normal.
As above screenshot, once batch create was selected for recurring payslips, the Payslips screen shows blank under employee and “0” in other fields.
If viewed the payslip is blank.

The recent problem (Today)
Its the same Problem here as well
Since we are raising payslips daily
When recurring pay slips are raised everything shows zero
When we go to the edit screen one by one the data is available

Edit Screen

To trace all potentially related information. Forum moderators have no idea whether your transactions have been entered properly.

Does it? We don’t know that, do we?

We also don’t know what you mean by this. Is there a viewable transaction form? Does it have labeled, but blank fields? Or does nothing show? We can’t guess.

You did not select an Employee in the payslip edit screen.

During batch creation of recurring payslips employee name is blank now. Before it was OK.

I am surprised that you managed to do a batch create as you would require to enter all the field data and as you use batch create would generate new keys and when a key exists such as Employee (check batch update) you must have entered those as well in the spreadsheet.

According to an older post one should not use batch create or update only batch delete functions on payslips Recurring Payslips - #2 by Ealfardan

I am curious how you populated the batch create in a spreadsheet and therefore a screenshot would help.

The batch create is not for Recurring Payslips but rather for Payslips using Recurring Payslips as templates.

I can reproduce the issue and I can confirm that the field Employee is not carried from Recurring Payslips to Payslips similar to what other users have reported.

Also, once the employee field is manually entered, the payslip works as normal.

I’m classifying this into bugs.

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Oh I did not notice that is also missing
Up to 30th November, it was fine, You can see from my screenshot

The Report also does not show the amounts

Batch Create option is here
After that new recurring payslip.

After creating payslip it is not capturing the employee name

I do not understand what you are doing - sorry

Can you confirn that you are batch create to create recurring payslips and then using the normal Manager function to create the actual payslips?

If so, why do you not use batch create to create the payslips directly ?

First I created the recurring Payslip for each employee after that at the end of the month creating all the payslips through batch create.

That term is ambiguous.

  1. Batch create general function involving copying from an external data source as describe Batch Operations: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

  2. Recurrent item inbuilt function involving clicking the “Batch create” yellow heading eg for payslips as described Set up and manage recurring payslips

I believe this thread is about definition 2. but I was initially thinking definition 1.


There are two things this.

1 - Create recurring Payslip for all the employees

2 - Each month end make all payslips through batch create.

There is no option to batch create monthly payslips from recurring payslips
Can you show exactly what you are doing - it seems like you are not using the Manager payslip features correctly

@khalil.rahman I assuming you are using the previously created recurrent payslips to generate the payslips as described in this guide Set up and manage recurring payslips not this guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions Is that correct?