How to create unique automatic invoice number in Employee Payslip

How to create unique automatic invoice number in Employee Payslip ?

You need to explain more about what you want to do. The default reference is a unique sequence.

I want to create a unique Payslip Number for each Payslip i can create for my Employees. The Automatic Invoice Number must not be repeat

First of all, payslips are not invoices. So are you asking about sales invoices, purchase invoices, or payslips? Sales and purchase invoices have automatic application of unique sequence numbers. Manager will never create a duplicate. It will always find the highest existing reference number and add 1. The only way for a duplicate to occur is for you to actively edit an invoice after creation and change the reference number.

If you’re asking about payslips, which seems more likely based on your posts, there is no reference number field. If you want one, you will need to create it as a custom field. But the entries will be manual. There is no automatic numbering type of custom field. You will need to check the Payslips tab listing before creating a new payslip. Given the potential for error, you should ask yourself whether the employee’s name and date are not adequate identification of a payslip. Do you really need a sequence number?

For the sake of consistency, there will be ability to have automatic reference number on payslips too. This will be optional feature like under Receipts & Payments tab.


Payslip reference number field added to the latest version (18.10.67)