Payslip reference number problems

It seems that payslip reference ID is not reported in the general ledger transactions report.

This may or may not be related to another problem with payslips. Whenever a the Reference field is set to Automatic, the program inserts the number 2, regardless of whether any other payslips were previously numbered or there is a higher number already existing. In this example, the three earliest paysips existed. None were initially numbered. Then, the 7/23/2018 payslip was edited to be automatically sequenced. The reference 2 appeared. Then the10/23/2018 payslip was manually edited to add the reference number 13. Then the 12/28/2018 payslip was added, with an automatic reference number. Again, the sequence number 2 was applied.


I will leave both problems in the same bugs report in case they are related.

These were two unrelated bugs. Both fixed in the latest version (19.1.1)