Recurring Expenses Claim

In the latest version, Recurring Payslip and Recurring Sales Invoice function was added. Is there any possible to have Recurring Expenses as well?

My recurring expenses claim list:
electricity bill,
water/ utility bill,
Software subscription
Water filter system rental
coffee machine rental etc…

Most of the bill were paid via my personal credit card auto debit (bank does not support auto debit), and i need to claim back every EOM. therefore, if there is a Recurring Expenses claim list, it would help me a lot. (Just like a reminder for me to make a claim every EOM).

(P/S: my company is a small scale company, most of the expenses were paid from my own pocket first)

Recurring expense claims are not currently possible. The best you can do is clone an existing expense claim, which minimizes the amount of typing.

In my opinion, having a recurring expense claim would be poor accounting practice, as it would institutionalize mixing between company and personal funds. That is always a bad idea if an audit happens. The point of an expense claim is to have a way to reimburse or credit authorized payees for legitimate expenditures outside the normal flow of company business, not to circumvent the need for normal payment activities.

An example where routine use of expense claims is advisable/permissible is employee travel expenses. Expenditures are potentially being made without an opportunity for review and authorization. So a claim is submitted, review can be made, and allowed expenses reimbursed, all after the fact by appropriate management personnel.

An expense claim is also a way for an owner to purchase something unusual without multiple entries for capital contribution and expenditure. But it just isn’t very clean to be using expense claims for your predictable, ongoing business expenses. The biggest thing I would worry about is the need to convince the tax man that these were actually business expenses. You would be inviting unnecessary scrutiny. Since you apparently have the funds, transfer them to the company once as a capital contribution and pay the company’s bills from the company account.

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A couple of suggestion, a) try and get a credit card for the business then make those payments from there - then the credit card statement becomes a de-facto expense claim without having to do anything, b) if the amounts are fixed, not variable, then all banks have Direct Debit facilities and c) my bank now has a feature under “Pay Anyone” - Pay Once or Recurring - so for items like rent, ideal. Also, probably better then Direct Debits, as you can manage through online banking - instead of having to lodge documentation

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My own recurring expense is Monthly Depreciation charge on Truck, which I do not want to forget…

Depreciation is not an expense claim, because no money was paid on behalf of the company. Enter it under the Fixed Assets tab. See this Guide topic:

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