Question about expense claim

I had a question about expense claim.
If i make a declarable cost in the program i can make an invoice with this expense claim via my clients and then via the ammount that is open for facturing. Than i can put other products on this invoice. But my question is if it is also possible to make an invoice and put this expense claim on it afterwards.

So for example.
I have a client who orders something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
On Wednesday i also have paid something myself and can declarate this from this client. I make a invoice for this client once a week. On Monday i make the invoice and put on the things he bought mondays. On Wednesday i open the invoice which i made Monday end edit it and put the things on it he bought Wednesday. also Friday i do this.
On Wednesday i also make an expense claim on behalf of that client. but can i put this expense claim on the already made invoice.
If i go to the client i see the expense claim and when i click his i can select this and check the box and make a new invoice. But i cant choose to put it on a already existing invoice.

Hope someone can telle me isf this is possible.



I believe you are misunderstanding expense claims. Expense claims are used only for purchases of goods or services on behalf of your business from personal funds. The claim is by the employee, owner, or other person against your company. Expense claims are not resolved or cleared by invoicing to customers.

But perhaps you are actually referring to billable expenses, which are used to record purchases made on behalf of the customer. For example, repair parts for customer equipment could be billable expense. So could travel expenses to the customer’s location. They are cleared by invoicing from the Customers tab, which sounds like what you are describing.

Billable expenses and billable time cannot be added to an existing sales invoice. You must create the invoice from the Customers tab first. Then you can edit it to add other items. It has been suggested that the capability to add billable time and expenses to existing invoices be added. So far, it has not.

Ah oke super and indeed my mistake i ment billable expenses. THNX for the answer and hope it will be possible in the future.