Reconciliation causes issues with Receivables disappearing

I did the first reconciliation of our bank account in management software effective January 31st this year. All of my invoices that were marked paid in last year are now marked as unpaid… I am not sure what happened. I started using Manager as a tracking system for invoicing…does anyone know what could have happened?

You have not provided nearly enough information for anyone to help. What version number are you using? What do you mean by “using Manager as a tracking system for invoicing?” Can you illustrate this problem with screen shots?

Reconciling a bank account, by itself, will have no impact on sales invoices. You must have done something in addition.

I am using the free desktop download of manager. All I have done is reconcile the bank account for the first time. My receivables show in the bank account but the invoices do not show as paid that were paid in last year.

But what version number? See

Receivables don’t show in bank accounts. They show in the Accounts receivable account.

You need to explain what you mean and, as I said before, illustrate with screen shots. Show where? Which tab? What list?

Please understand, no one on the forum has access to your data or can see what you see. So you need to be specific. You originally said you were using Manager as a tracking system for invoices. Manager is not a tracking system, but a full, double-entry accounting system. If you’re not using it as that, it’s unlikely it will do what you expect, whatever that is.

  1. Under the invoices tab, the invoices that were paid in last year are no longer showing as paid. They are showing now as unpaid.
  2. I am not only tracking invoice but I am tracking all of my accounting in this system. I was simply stating that Invoices are something I am tracking through this system as which ones have been and which ones have not been paid. When I reconciled the bank account something gliched and now all my invoices paid in last year show as unpaid.
  3. I am aware that invoice payments are in accounts receivable but they do show up as deposits when received in the bank account.
    I honestly do not know what else needs to be explained. Before I reconciled the bank account my invoices were showing paid. After I reconciled the bank account my invoices are showing as unpaid. No, reconciling the bank account should have had no bearing on whether the invoices show paid or unpaid, however, this is only thing that was done. It happened in both of my companies. Thank you.

This never happened to me, so you will need to post screen images that help us understand the problem using the data from your business or businesses.

There is no way of me showing invoices were paid before because they are now showing unpaid. This is impossible to show in a screen shot because I dont have a screen shot showing them paid in the first place. If you need pictures I am certain you will not be able to help. Thanks.

You still haven’t answered even the first question.

I have answered the questions and i said that if you couldnt help without pictures that there is nothing that can be done. Thank you.

No you have not answered the questions. You have not indicated the version number, perhaps the most important bit of information necessary to help you. I asked twice. And while you may not be able to show invoices that were supposedly previously paid, you could show one that is now showing unpaid. You could drill drill down in the Customers tab to that invoice and show its transaction history. You could drill down from the Summary through Accounts receivable to obtain the same information, in order to determine whether there is disagreement. You could show the Edit screen for the receipt that you believe should have recorded the invoice being paid. You could show a customer statement (preferably of both types) for the customer involved and covering the relevant time period. None of those depends on seeing a formerly paid sales invoice.

You’ve asked for troubleshooting help without sharing one shred of actual accounting data. No one can help under those conditions. Since we don’t have access to your data, screen shots are the only way for us to spot problems. The choice is yours whether you want help.

The only question I didnt answer was the version of manager i have…i dont know the answer to that. All I said earlier was that i can not show the screenshots you want so you will not be abke to help me. I stopped asking for help.

Then you didn’t read the Guide I linked you to, which explains it clearly.

Good luck!

Perhaps you could explain the process you follow with a specific transaction. You have, for example, Debtor XYZ who owes you $xxx, you then receive the money and categorize it, etc. Or you have Debtor XYZ who owes you $xxx and as soon as you reconcile the bank account for a particular period it disappears. Try cancelling the reconciliation for the period and see if the Debtor reappears. I am sure we could help you if you would help us understand the process you are engaged in in detail.