Receiving payment for invoices

How do you receive payments against invoices, I can’t find it anywhere.

You have several options.
a) Cash Accounts - Receive Money with the Account = Accounts Receivable + Customer + Inv no
b) Customer tab, click on Customer balance, click View for the Invoice and click Receive Money.
c) Sales Invoices tab, click on invoice view, click Receive Money

If I use the function to receive money for the invoice, it shows on the account.
But then when I import my bank statement, it ends up being double.
Do I then have to manually delete one of the transactions?

If you use the Receive Money function, then delete the bank statement imported transaction.

Hi Brucanna

Thank you for your response.

Do the sales invoices allow for part payments, I can’t see where to enter an amount. We get a lot of part payments so we need this feature.


Yes, @shedboss. Just enter what you receive. The sales invoice will show the amount credited and reduced balance due. Try it.