Receiving Money in different currency to base currency

In the past this has not been an issue but I have now started running into an issue with currency payments.

My base currency is USD.
I have invoiced a supplier in AUD. Invoice value is AUD 1500.
I have received AUD from supplier and opened up the invoice and clicked “Receive Money”

The USD field is filled with USD 1500.

However this is incorrect as the invoice is in AUD when I delete this amount and input the optional AUD 1500

Once I create the receipt reflecting AUD 1500.

The invoice does not update to show that it has been paid and my Cash Account shows a USD 0 payment.

Please could someone offer a suggestion.

As far as I understand manager does not auto calculate USD amount from your AUD amount in payment.
So in order to be it correctly paid you should:

  • enter AUD amount in optional field (that should “pay” you invoice)
  • enter USD amount you’ve actually paid from cash account - I suspect that you have your cash account currency set to USD (“my Cash Account shows a USD 0 payment”).

Hi Koroko

Thank you for the reply. The strange thing is I have checked the invoice and it is set to AUD.
Total invoice amount is AUD 1500

When I click “Receive Money”

It has already inputted “Unit Price USD 1500” and “Amount USD 1500” with a blank “Optional AUD”

Even if I delete the USD value and input the optional AUD nothing updates.

I have reflected AUD payments in the past few weeks without any issues, I first noticed this error today.

Yes, this is expected behavior. If you “Cash” account have different currency from your Supplier’s.
May be this was not an issue before as you’ve paid from cash account that was also in AUD. Or if you switched to USD base recently, check that your “Cash” account have AUD currency.

I think that you should enter both amounts when paying the invoice:

  • “Unit Price USD” - goes actual USD amount that you’ve paid (it should be less that invoice amount, that is in AUD, right?).
  • “Optional AUD” - goes amount of invoice in AUD (or partial payment).

If you do not enter optional amount, but only USD amount Manager will calculate AUD amount based on exchange rates, that are in Settings -> Exchange Rates.

Thank you koroko, your suggestion worked.

Really appreciate the assistance.