Receive Money By Use of Bank Account

Why the bank account is not available to which to receive money? I am trying to make a deposit through receive but the bank account is not available in the drop down menu.

Please advise

When clicking on the Cash Accounts tab is the bank account listed ?

If yes, then it should also be displayed in the drop down

Thank you for your response.

However, I want to be able to use a bank or cash account that will reflect transactions.

So do I have to use cash account to record journal entries and then use bank account to receive and make payment?

I want to able to debit and credit the respective account by means of journal entries.

For example, Fuel for the month of May $200. Debit Fuel expenses $200 and Credit bank account $200. The bank account should reflect the $200 less.

I do not want to do the journal entry then go back and do another entry using spend money from the bank account to reflect the $200

I have since deleted all my transaction to start from scratch again. I want make sure when I enter transactions they accurate…

Thanking you in advance.

You can’t use Journals with Cash Accounts - read the link below. Also you shouldn’t be using journals to take up the expenses. Journals are generally used to make accounting adjustments. By using Spending Money you are doing both - taking up the expense and adjusting bank account in one entry - see example below

So if we use your fuel example , there are three choices.

  1. If the fuel is on an account, meaning that you pay for it later, then you would use the Supplier & Purchase Invoices tabs to take up the account and later Spend Money to pay the account
  2. If the fuel was paid for by Debit or Credit card, then you would use Cash Accounts - Spend Money and the Account would Fuel Expenses - the example below
  3. If the fuel was paid by cash, then you would use the Expense Claims tab and then either Spend Money to reimburse the payer or transfer out, the account would depend on your type of entity.

Cash Accounts - Spend Money

Can it be suggested that you have a read of the guides as they generally include examples.