Receivables - how to bring fwd when starting to use Manager?

Under Settings I see where receivables should be able to be adjusted. I had no trouble entering Cash at bank balance, but the Receivables item is greyed out. How can I bring forward amounts accrued due and billed before the date on which I start using Manager?

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I had the same problem… I don’t know if there is a direct way of bringing forward the balances (such as in banks) but I just created invoices for every single customer with the closing balance brought forward and put the proceeds in the Sales account… its a long and tiresome way of doing it but it worked for me.

Yes, I had thought of that, but then all the ageing details are incorrect and start only with the start date of the new system!

True, but that wouldn’t change with the option of entering balances from ‘conversion balances’ either. If you had the option for bringing forward Accounts Receivable from conversion balance, it would also give you a certain ‘balance as of’ date and that would be the same as entering dates individually on invoices. If anything, you could put in extra effort into the invoices and give the actual invoicing and due dates and get the exact ageing. But, that’s just my understanding of things. I may be wrong.

Anyways, im sure Lubos will be able to give a much better response than me.