Beginning Balance in Account Receivable and Account Payable

I want to asking about beginning balance in Account Receivable and Account Payable. Why I can’t give beginning balance in both accounts?

You can. Simply enter all outstanding invoices under Sales Invoices tab and Purchase Invoices tab as of your start date. The total of those invoices will be opening balance for accounts receivable and accounts payable.

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Ok sir @lubos i’ll try, thank you sir

Hi @lubos I find difficulties entering the opening balance too, because I already record my transaction before (manual, using Ms. Excel), now I cut off the record and then try to enter the opening balance on Manager. Yes, I did enter the opening balance by entering all the invoices under Sales Invoice, but I have to make an additional inventory before the cut off date, then sale it by make the Sales Invoice.

I know it’s because we will need the details (Sales Invoice) when customer pay the account receivable. But, it’s quite confusing at the start.

Thanks and regards :smile: