Opening Balances for Cash Accounts

Can anyone please advise me how we now enter the opening balances for bank accounts please- it used to be under conversions but thats no longer there- thanks

When you create or edit cash account, there is an option to set starting balance.

fantastic thanks so much

Hello Lubos, is there a way to change the start date for a cash account as I started using Manager part way through the financial year and would like to add the previous transactions? Or can I add transactions before the start date and have them show up in reports? Thanks Chris

Start Date applies only to the business itself, not any specific account within it, and is only for carrying over balances from another system in an ongoing business. Since you say you started part way through the financial year, its use is appropriate. Set it under Settings. Then edit the opening balance of the cash account to match the cash account balance on your start date (in Chart of Accounts).

Do not enter previous transactions, as Manager will ignore them if they are before the start date.

They will not appear in reports, since they will not be in Manager. This is not an uncommon situation, as companies change accounting programs all the time. Keep your old records and move forward with the new system.