Receipt and payment report

Hi. Can you suggest a way to achieve Receipts and payments report according to respective tracking code?

I tried to obtain this from custom reports but in vain as it still doesn’t support to select ‘amount’ as column.

I need this urgently for calculating total receipts and payments per tracking code. Pls help. Thanks

Why not create a profit and loss statement for that tracking code for the desired period?

Or, if you want the detail of individual transactions, Amount is definitely supported in Custom Reports:

Add a filter for the tracking code:

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 7.35.02 AM

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I don’t think profit and loss statement shows receipts and payment at cash or bank.

Custom report as you suggested gives cluttered report with sales invoice details and it’s discounts. The 5 digit references are sales invoice and 1 or 2 digit numbers are what I want to be in the report. This is very confusing.


No, it doesn’t. But you said your need was for calculating totals, not dividing the report by type of account or listing individual transactions.

Any custom report gives only the details you ask for. Yes, the Amount in the report you have defined will be the discounted total amount. But why would you want anything else? Some other number would not give you the total you said you wanted.

Then you must apply another filter for Transaction type. Since you want both receipts and payments, the filter should exclude invoices.

It will if you select the report’s 0000000 Bug 1 as “Cash Basis”.
The date parameters can be for any given period, not just the financial year.

To be clear, the Profit and Loss Statement never shows individual transactions, regardless of which accounting basis is chosen. It shows balances of accounts. Selection of cash basis will result in those balances only reflecting receipts and payments, rather than including sales or purchase invoices and debit or credit notes. And drilling down on account balances will reveal only receipts and payments when cash basis is selected.

Correct, but the opening post makes no mention of individual transaction as you yourself noted in post #4 with the comment “you said your need was for calculating totals, not . . . . listing individual transactions.”

So I guess your self for filling lecture in post #6 equally applies to yourself in post #2.

Yes, it does. @raJ asked about a report on receipts and payments and then complained (albeit incorrectly) that the Amount variable could not be selected. That clearly indicated a possible desire for a report listing individual transactions. Then, in the 3rd paragrap, totals were mentioned. So I gave two options: The P&L report or the custom report with Amount.