Receipts & Payment Summary - Transactions report print

Hi, When accessing the reports, receipt, and payment summary, we can navigate to the displayed report and view transactions by clicking on any receipt or payment category, as shown in the attached file. However, it is essential to know whether a print option is available in this view. Having a print option would allow us to conveniently obtain a printout of transactions associated with a particular category.

please use General Ledger Transaction


Jazak Allah. worked for me. one more thing if you could help with, in this attached account i have different discriptions, is there any way i could dispaly display transactions as per ‘discription’? or shall i create different account for it?

Affak Allah, for this specific purpose you have to make a custom report.
try this

this work great. thank you so much for the help. as you can see in attached file, it showing ‘false’ anyway to remove it? hopefully this will be my last question. thanks for your help again