Manager sums different currencies in reports

Hi all.
In reports, Manager unfortunately sums (i.e. the total) all numbers of both Receipts and Payments even the if the currencies are different. This is confusing and lets us do more accounts.
In later versions, Manager should be modified to make Totals be separated related to currencies.
Any considerable solution is appreciated.
For mor clarification, see the attached picture.

What edition (Desktop, Server, Cloud) and version are you using?

All the amounts in this report are in your base currency.

Any payments or receipts in a foreign currency have been translated into your base currency

The Bank Account Summary will give the payments & receipts for an account in the currency of the account

I use a Desktop up to date version and I used to use Manager 2 years ago. No, they are summed together and I don’t like translation if there is.
Look to the attached picture.

Yes, they are summed—after conversion to your base currency. By “translation” I assume you mean “conversion.” You gave this topic a title that implies this occurs in all reports. It does not. This particular report is a legacy report that originally was a crude substitute for a cash flow statement. For that purpose, all inflows and outflows had to be stated in the base currency.

What are you really trying to accomplish? There may be a better report or source of information.

You need to explain what you think is wrong in more detail - for example, by showing the edit screens of the transactions involved in the SAR and/or USD values

I presume you have defined exchange rates for these currencies

In short, if for example you pay someone in 10 native currency, another 5 USD currency and another one 12 SAR currency, Manager is doing this on for example Payments:
10 Base currency
12 SAR

Total: 27

Please double check the currencies and the Total on the attached picture, Manager is summing numbers regardless currencies and that is a big error. I don’t want translation, conversion, exchange… whatever. I want Total be separated for each currency.

Not in my version -

Note the receipts from Accounts receivable € 5,980 - my base currency is €

Note that this includes a UK receipt of € 2,520

which is a sterling receipt of £ 2,000 which is converted to € 2,520

Have you entered exchange rates?

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It’s not possible to check anything from that single screenshot, however, it is true that all payments are added up after conversion so it’s not “wrong” per se but it’s not the report you need.

What you need is a receipts and payments report by currency.

Then you need to define Bank Account Summary reports for each of your different cash and bank accounts in different currencies. That gives the information you want.

The advise given to you is to create bank summary reports. Click on Reports → Bank Account Summary and create a report for the base currency, the USD and SAR accounts.