Cloning Invoices

When cloning a Sales Invoice, the Invoice Number field contents is duplicated in the clone, leading to duplicated invoice numbers when the new invoice is created. This occurs even though the Invoice Number field on the Sales Invoice form default is set to Automatic.
Is there any way the Clone program could be set up so that if the auto numbering default is set to Automatic in the form default, it would override the cloned number & populate the field with the next higher number in the sequence, when the Create button is clicked?
This would eliminate the duplication of invoice numbers which have to be managed manually, defeating the purpose of the automatic numbering in the form default.
If it can be done, could this be applied to the Purchase Invoice as well?

This behavior is associated with something already reported as a bug: Receipts and Payments clone bug. There was another, related issue, as well, in which some clones duplicated all fields and other clones substituted the current date. That issue was resolved so behavior is consistent throughout the program. Unfortunately, the way it was resolved was to make clones be true clones in all respects, including reference numbers. As of now, the issue of clones ignoring the form default for automatic references remains. I agree it’s a problem. Hopefully, @lubos will resolve it soon.

For now, the thing to do is check the Automatic tick box for the reference when the clone appears, before clicking Create.