Dear Sir,

After the new update, not display customer payment received invoice no. and date. It is useful for the print receipt. Please add these details to the receipt. Good work.

Thank you.

Before updating the receipt display as below


Please show the edit screen of the receipt transaction

And also what edition (Desktop, Cloud or Server) and version are you using now?

Using the Cloud version.

In the earlier version, I haven’t had any issues.

This change may be due to the fact that the developper is working on the formnats of different transactions.

The changes are only done in the Cloud version for now as the Desktop/Server version are not being updated. You can check your Cloud version at the bottom of your screen. The currect Desktop version is

See this topic Recommendation for standardization of transaction layout - #33 by lubos

Dear ,

Please fix the issue , its very important for us

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Dear Sir,

Payment receipt displayed invoice no. & Date. Thank you for the updates.