Receipt rule display issue

In the edit form of receipt rule (and possibly payment rule as well), the column “Amount” for percentage/exact amount isn’t displayed properly.

What version are you using? In v21.10.48, I see this when two lines are being entered:

I saw exactly the same thing under v21.10.35.

Widen your window. I believe you will see the Amount dropdown grow wider, too.

I am on 21.10.49 and the issue is still there.

Did you widen the window?

No I haven’t done anything. This is how it gets displayed on a maximized web browser at 100% zoom level.

Well, I cannot reproduce what you describe. I can see that the Amount dropdown field is narrowed when the window is narrow. But no matter what I do, it never gets so narrow that you cannot see at least the first two letters of Percentage or Exact. And the full field content is visible well before I get to filling the screen. Perhaps this is related to operating system or browser.

Windows 10 and Ms Edge.

@Abeiku, can you reproduce this?

i can confirm there is some issue with text wrapping.
Windows 10 x64 - Firefox
below are screenshots captured from the cloud version for localizations which is on version 21.10.50

when side menu not collapsed.

when side menu collapsed.

same behaviour in my desktop version 21.10.46

There is not enough space horizontally to accommodate all the fields properly.

What is your monitor resolution? 1366x768 won’t be enough unless you collapse left navigation which is the reason that feature has been implemented.

I know you can argue there is still much wasted space and that will be eventually improved. For now, just collapse left navigation on low resolution screens.