Checking receipt and payment transaction

Every month I import bank transaction …it filter all receipts and payments according - I categorized each one into different accounts and the update.
Now I want to review and check …when i go into receipt /payment section…It will list all the list of receipt/payment showing date,bank account, description, amount but I need to see the Account it is posted to?
How do I see that

What version number are you using? Receipts and payments have not been together for a long time.

I am outside not with my vomputer but I download the software only few days ago so must be lastest.
Receipt and payment are in seperate Tab or section.
I say about the issue of not able to see the accounts box since it regarding both receipt and payment section

If you drill down on the cleared balance or the actual balance in the “Bank and Cash Accounts” tab it shows the destination ledger account for each transaction.

Not necessarily. There are sometimes several new releases in a single day. Whenever asked about your version number, you should reply with the numerical version.

@AJD is correct about the location of the particular information you seek. The focus of the Receipts and Payments tab listings is the movement of money into and out of the business. So you see the payer or payee and the cash or bank account where the transaction took place. The purpose of those listings is not to display the posting of the transaction to accounts in the financial statement.

Got it .Thanks