Receipt Notes Not Visible on Invioce when viewed

Hi, Im just started using this software few days back and I am fairly new to this. I learnt mostly from the guide which is provided, I just wanted to know ‘How can I make the notes visible on the invoice when viewed or printed?’ I have also attached image where the note says 'Received in Cash, but is not visible when invoice is viewed of saved as PDF.

Notes you enter under Receipts will not be shown on Sales Invoice.

Invoice will automatically show only PAID IN FULL or OVERDUE according to the amount you received for that particular invoice.

If you want to show any notes in the Sales Invoice, you should enter the same in the Notes field provided in the Sales Invoice at the bottom while making an invoice.

In other words, the notes field is for internal use

The responses from @sharpdrivetek and @Abeiku are incorrect. Here is the input, captured from the entry screen of a Receipt transaction:

And here is the resulting Receipt, captured from the screen view:

Same receipt, captured from the PDF generated by the program:

This was demonstrated using the default, Plain, theme in version 17.7.10. @Ajinkya, what edition and version are you using? What operating system? And are you using a custom theme?

I’m using the current version downloaded just 3 days back. Using the default theme. I’m using it on windows 7.

I believe @Ajinkya was trying to make the notes entered in a receipt to show on the sales invoice which is not possible i think. Sorry if i am wrong.

Which exact version? Look under About Manager in the top menu bar. Manager advances very rapidly, sometimes with several minor changes in a day (already 3 in the last 12 hours).

Can anyone else reproduce this problem on a Windows 7 machine?

Sorry, @sharpdrivetek, our posts crossed in cyberspace. If that is what @Ajinkya meant, you are correct. There is no way to make information on any transaction form appear on another. Each is a distinct record.

If that is correct, then how did the previous response have the second screenshot with “here is the resulting Receipt” and the third screenshot with “Same invoice” as an example of it occurring.

Just a typing error. I wrote “invoice” when I should have written “receipt.” I have edited the post to correct it.

Why you make a mistake like this??
In your given picture, you select the “AXIS Current Account” and in notes you type Received in Cash…
Its controversial.
If you need to display in invoice… like Received in Cash… or Received by Cheque… then you have to put that data into Invoice’s Notes field. this is the only solution.
You can also make custom field but no need to add it because you can do it by Default notes tab in Invoice.

The image was just to understand what was I trying to tell. What I only need is to view notes on receipt. Thank you for the information.

I believe “Notes” are for internal information. Just add payment method in “Description” field and see if that suits your needs.

This is not true. For example, look at the examples on the Themes web page:

Notes are meant to show on the printed document. If they don’t on the Windows version, that is a bug. Can someone confirm whether they are seeing the Notes field in the Windows version? (Remember, there must be content in the field or the field will not display.)

You are quite right, apologies.

I have just tested (windows 7, older version though) and notes are shown on “Receipt” view.

@Ajinkya if possible show screenshot of receipt view.

I think we are back to @sharpdrivetek’s suspicion that what @Ajinkya was actually referring to was an expectation that notes entered on a receipt for invoice payment would show up on the invoice itself.

Hi! these are the sample screenshots where the notes in the receipt says ‘DEPOSITED IN BANK’ but when viewed nothing is visible it just says PAID IN FULL. How to make those notes visible when viewed or while printing?

Friend, Look, you writes a notes in Receipt, then how can it will be print in Invoice.
Please go to the Invoice EDIT option and then in the notes of Invoice Write this “Deposited in Bank” there, then after your invoice display this Notes.
Look at the Highlighted Portion of Bellow Image of Invoice…

If you want to view notes on receipt… then… Please read the Answer of @Tut … earlier in this topic.