Manager and banks

hello forum, can server or cloud edition be connected to banks? example when i create invoices in manager and my customer pay for the invoice in any bank that i have connected to manager, then the invoice in manager should change to paid automatically.
is this possible?

In all accounting software this is done by importing the bank statement then the user allocating the transactions as appropriate within the accounting software with the aid of bank rules. The Process in Manager is described in this guide
Import bank statements

thanks @Patch, is this importing bank statement possible? i mean it should be done automatically from my bank.

Most of the work is alway specifying how individual transactions should be treated within your accounting software.

The transfer from bank to Manager is a simple and quick process (assuming your bank has the ability to export your transactions in computer rather hand human readable format).

Some software companies have organized down load from specific banks. This involves

  • Giving the software or a third party login rights to your bank accounts.
  • The communication interface must be developed for each bank independently
  • standard interfaces have been proposed but are not widely adopted

Given the large range of countries Manager sells to, and the many banks within each country, supporting such an facility would be a massive undertaking. The benefit in terms of percentage of time individual uses spend processing their bank statements would be small.

Try it.

Other options have been requested however the above issues persist

I had to create my own application to be able to import statements using provided bank API

unfortunately, the API of the Manager is quite unstable yet, so probably the most stable solution is to use intermediate export to CSV or so.

I find more easy, rather than importing bank statements using batch create.