Receipt - Batch Create

Hi All, I’m trying to import my records from Quickbooks but when I run a Receipt - Batch Create there are a number of information inputs missing on the spreadsheet like the Account information and the Tax Code information for example.
Is this an Error in this Function or do I need to add the missing column to the spreadsheet.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

All information used by the program is already contained in the preformatted spreadsheet that is part of the Batch Create process. So it isn’t clear what you are asking.

I also wonder why you are trying to duplicate records from another accounting system with different formats and requirements. Migration is normally handled using starting balances. See the relevant Guides.

I can export the Quickbooks data to Excel via a report process. So in the Quickbooks spreadsheet for payments for example there is a column for the Supplier. If in run the Manager Batch Create for Payments I don’t see a relevant column in the Batch spreadsheet where the Supplier can be add.
Should this column be available?

I suggest that you enter a few transactions manually and then use Batch Update to export these to an Excel spreadsheet. Then you will be able to see what is needed to import the data. (You can import the Batch Update file format into Batch Create as long as you delete the last column -Key column)
The important thing to note is that you will need to import suppliers before you import purchase invoices and payments and also import customers before you import sales invoices and receipts.

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@Brilkey note that Manager does not use Supplier nor Customer names in spreadsheets but UUIDs (codes). So you would need to know when first creating each supplier and customer as suggested by @AJD that you then will know their UUIDs. You need to replace the names in the Quickbooks CSV to these codes before importing into Manager.

There are many more considerations as Manager for example creates accounts such as accounts payable when enable functions in Customize. Also it makes use of Capital Accounts, Special Accounts, etc. Hence it is better to follow @Tut’s suggestion, i.e. “…Migration is normally handled using starting balances. See the relevant Guides…”

Thank you @AJD & @eko for the advice, it is much appreciated. I had already imported the suppliers from QB and by using the Supplier Batch Update I now have a spreadsheet listing the Supplier Name and their UUID’s. I will use this to run a lookup search & replace on the QB CSV before running the Batch.

With this information provided I thought I’d compare the spreadsheet data of a Receipts Batch Create against a Batch Update. The Batch Update has a number of extra columns in the spreadsheet. One being ReceivedIn which contains the Bank or Cash Account UUID’s. The Batch Create does have this column can it be added?

I understand @Tut’s suggestion, i.e. “…Migration is normally handled using starting balances. See the relevant Guides…” but because of the way I have been treated by Reckon QB, I don’t believe I will always have access to my records.

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