Batch Create_Receipts

I’m trying to create back receipts and payments but some information are not being captured – Bank Account, GL Account and Tax. I then tried to complete one entry, filling all fields and copied the results via Batch Update and paste the information in Excel to understand the columns. I see that the fields where information was not updated during Batch Create, information is in coded language.

Thanks and Kind Rgds

Correct - you need to fill in the codes before doing the batch create

Using a Lookup table in Excel should help you to get the correct codes

Were you trying to update using names or codes?

Hi. I was trying to use names. For example, GL account is Sales. But system only allowed me to create batch using codes. Same for bank account also. Thxs

You should use the UUID codes from the top-right corner of edit screens for each object. It’s written in a faint grey font like so:

Oh thanks in advance