RE: Does anyone else fear updating manager as much as I do?

Helle there! Im hoping you could help me.

My current manager version is 16.1.0. It is very out of date, feels like im hundred years behind. I wanted to update it to the most latest one. I tried doing it tho but ive got problem- something about- Database is invalid and it talks about sql lite database thing.Can you help me update to the latest version?

Please do not send private messages with general questions. Your topic has been moved to the public forum so you can get answers.

Please search the forum for an answer. You will have to update in two stages. The automatic conversion to the SQLite structure is no longer included in recent versions of the program.

Your version is so ancient, I don’t think version 16.1.0 and the current version can be considered the same software.

You can start by locating your data files, take a copy of them then uninstall manager entirely.

Then visit manager’s GitHub page and download your previous version and check if the data is valid.

After that you can go through the newer releases and upgrade gradually (e.g. from 16.1 to 17.1 to 18.1 … and so forth).

Each version should be able to rewrite the database to a newer version because they are compatible.

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